Eiffel Windowing System - EWS


The library is currently being used for some other projects and is quite stable. It's being actively mantained (I promise to change this page if it's not at some time); if it has no recent changes that's because it has been doing its job finely.

I've made it public (it was used in a closed environment before) near the end of 2004, and I am making the first release at October 2005. Given that it has proven quite stable for internal use for some years I'm starting the versioning at 1.0

After the release, development will probably proceed to:

  • Compatibility with newer SmartEiffel versions (without losing support for 1.2).
  • Portability to other platforms if someone requests that. (Note it is already working on Linux and FreeBSD)
  • Bugfixing and maintenance.
  • Small feature requests by users.