Eiffel Windowing System - EWS


You will need:

Support for other Operating Systems

I've mainly tested this library on Linux/x86, but the code was written with portability in mind; so it should not be too dificult to port. Some pieces of the C code (most of them are labelled) assume a little-endian architecture.

The library installs and the demos run on FreeBSD/x86 with some tweaks to the Makefiles. Check the Installation guide for details

If you try to compile it under a different OS/platform and have success or trouble, please send a report to the mailing list. Thanks.

Support for other compilers

The library was developed with SmartEiffel 1.0, 1.1 afterwards, and 1.2 currently. The officially supported compiler is 1.2. 2.x will also be supported later

I have been able to make the examples work under SE2.1 (beta4); the code had to be modified because of library incompatibilities. In every call in EWS to feature rounded of class REAL, you have to call force_to_integer_32 afterwards to fix typing. That is: change every foo.rounded to foo.rounded.force_to_integer_32. This won't be changed in the trunk until SE2.x is considered a stable compiler by the EWS developers team. You may have to readjust some code in eiffel-utils.

The code uses several libraries that are Smarteiffel specific, so I don't think it will compile easily under other Eiffel compilers.