Eiffel Utils


Eiffel utils is a set of useful Eiffel classes (written to be used with SmartEiffel). They are several unrelated small libraries that I packed together; they should be separated but it's more work for me to handle them, and I'm lazy.

Eiffel utils is available under the LGPL, i.e., can be used to develop Free or propietary apps (Note: there's a class that's actually under the SE license. Check each file for details).

For a list of components included in the library, check the online documentation. The same documents are included in the package.


October 29, 2005: 0.3 just released! Improved compatibility with SmartEiffel 1.2 and 2.x, and easier installation


The newest version is 0.3

Version Changes
0.3 Compatible with SmartEiffel 1.2, partially compatible with SmartEiffel 2.x
Code cleanup (mostly style changes)
Installation is more automatic
0.2 Added Clipboard abstraction
Some bug fixes
0.1 First Release

If you have any problem contact me at dmoisset@grulic.org.ar or Submit a bug report with category eiifel-utils.


You just need: