Eiffel Windowing System - EWS

EWS installation

To install and use EWS, you will need:

If you develop and redistribute applications using EWS, your users will also need to have both SDL libraries installed, but not the development headers.

Once you have the prerequisites installed, download the EWS tarball. Run the following commands as super-user:

cd /usr/local/SmartEiffel
tar xzf ews-1.0.tar.gz
cd ews
make install

The configure program will try to check that you have everything working ok and tell you if the required libraries are correctly installed. It will also generate a file named "config" that you might want to customize to change installation directory or some options.

The default installation directory will be lib_ews under your SmartEiffel installation directory. If every worked correctly, you should be able to get inside it, and compile the demos that are at test/examplen inside the installed documentation directory (usually /usr/share/doc/ews ).

If you have any problem, just ask at eiffelws-list@lists.sourceforge.net


Notes for FreeBSD users

Some of the installation scripts require bash (the GNU Bourne shell) installed to run. It is not required for using EWS, but you will need it unless you want to install manually. The makefiles are designed to work with GNU make, so you will need that too (and you should invoke gmake instead of make during installation)

You will also have problems with the sdl-config program, which has been renamed to sdl11-config (the 11 may change to a different version) in the FreeBSD ports collection. This problem will appear when running "configure". You will have to edit the script, and look for the variable SDL_CONFIG, setting it to the correct value, for example

You will also have to update the Makefile located in driver-sdl/C before running make, changing the name of sdl-config.

You will also have to change to the appropiate name of sdl-config when compiling the included demos or the tutorial examples. Besides, given that SDL programs are multithreaded you will need to add "-lpthread" to the compile command line.